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What a FANTASTIC night !

Posted: 1st December 2015

Well…..They say the band is only as good as the Audience … and we saw the undeniable proof of that on Sunday night at Sam and Juan’s Wedding Reception .  Held at the Britannia hotel in Manchester,  we arrived there at about 5pm to set up – and we were still going strong at 1am ! –  If it wasn’t for the fact that the Hotel wanted us stop – we’d still be there now !
Now Juan – (the Groom)  is Spanish … and my how the Spanish love to Party !  with a Fabulous Audience mix of Spanish and English – it was non stop dancing  ( and on the tables!) to the likes of Dancing Queen, Pretty Woman,  All about the Bass, Dance the night away .. and more.
What an absolutely Fantastic Night     We videod a lot of it so watch this space !